Hiring A Wedding Band In Liverpool:
What You Need To Know

When organising a wedding in Liverpool there are many things that you have to consider. The ceremony itself has to be planned and booked, a venue has to be scouted and hired and of course, you’re going to need a wedding band. Liverpool has no shortage of bands, so it’s understandable that you might feel somewhat spoilt for choice. But why bother trawling through an endless stream of talent when our band, Munch, is the best of the best! We’re not only one of the country’s top wedding bands, we’re an outfit that genuinely loves to play; especially in Liverpool since it’s one city in the UK that understands what is meant by the word ‘party.’

Wedding Band In Liverpool | Munch

So what makes us such a great wedding band?

Well like all wedding bands in Liverpool we play songs that you know and love. As a covers band we combine a love of music with great craftsmanship to ensure that people of all ages, from 8-80, can get up on the dance floor and have a great time. It’s live music at its very best and we always know the right song to play to get everyone up and dancing.

When you hire Munch you’re getting more than just any old wedding band, you’re getting a slice of pop culture. Our repertoire includes songs from the 50’s onwards, including Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix, Bowie, the Bangles, U2, and Kings of Leon; the list goes on and on. Of course being from Liverpool, we’ll be happy to play a wide number of Beatles songs too. We’ve had some great feedback and endorsements in the past and we’re more than happy to suggest and play a song for that all important first dance.

If there is one word we hear repeated over and over in customer reviews it’s ‘professionalism.’ That’s a good thing, because a professional attitude is absolutely key to the success of the night. We arrive on time every time, set up with a minimum of fuss and pride ourselves on maintaining a reputation for excellence.

It’s not just the bride and groom who have indicated that they are delighted with our work; venues from up and down Liverpool are always delighted to hire us, since they know that we’ll appear on time, set up and be ready to rock as soon as the guests arrive. We’ve played just about everywhere and in some of the most exclusive and grand locations in the whole city! From the Britannia Hotel to Formby Hall resorts, the central Crowne Plaza and the Thornton Manor, all have welcomed us secure in the knowledge that ours is a bespoke performance that can be modified to meet the needs of any venue. It doesn’t end there; other venues we’re familiar with include the Hilton, Hope Street Hotel, the Venue, Knowsley Hall, Palm house, the Racquet club and more.

So if you want a professional and quality wedding band performance on your big day in Liverpool, then why not check out our availability? The form to the right allows you to select the event type, data and location and as soon as we receive your enquiry we’ll send you a no obligation quote. If you prefer the personal touch, why not just give us a call. We’ll be happy to discuss the finer details of your requirements.

Wow!! Where do we start... from our first dance at 8:30pm through to 1am you guys were absolutely awesome. The atmosphere at our wedding was non-stop during the sets. The dance floor was full all night and people didn't want to stop. Like most couples we were a little nervous about finding the right band for our wedding, but as soon as I spoke to you Dave, I knew “Munch” was the right choice for our big day. Absolutely loads of people have asked me who you were and have commented that you are the best band they have heard at a wedding! You made the party for us and didn't disappoint in any way. Your songs were incredible. Honestly it couldn't have been better! Thank you so much for making our wedding a truly spectacular party! You really were the icing on the cake. You all created a wonderful atmosphere, one that we will never forget and would recommend you guys time and time again. -Mark & Claudia
Massive thanks to Mike and co from the band Munch who made our wedding night the best! Everyone loved them as they were so much fun and clearly love what they do! They got everyone dancing from early on until the end of the night! We particularly enjoyed joining them for Blur, Song 2! Love them! -Sally

So what do I need to do once I’ve hired Munch?

The short answer is not much. Like most Liverpool wedding bands we’re an all in one solution to your needs. We bring all our own equipment, from instruments to PA system, stage lighting and so on. If the venue has a stage (to protect us from your overly excited Uncle Barry) so much the better, but even if not, we’ll still provide a 5 star performance! If you are in any doubt as to what else you might need to do then feel free to call Nick Taylor on +44 (0) 1782 740839. 

Anything else we need to know?

Well, few bands enjoy what they do as much as we do, but just because we’re having a great time does not mean that we’re not working hard! We’ll need to take a few breaks and also like to have somewhere we can sit and relax before the show starts. Somewhere we can change and have a sit down in will ensure that we can give our best during performances. We're sure you'll also understand that our instruments are precious to us, so a room with a lock is a must! Performing is also thirsty work, so if you can ask the bar staff to provide us with soft drinks and a hot meal then you’ll receive out undying appreciation. We also like to know what’s going on, so if you can arrange for someone to meet us on arrival (delegate, that’s what ushers are for after all!), and be sure to tell a member of staff that they’ll need to be hand to show us where the power sockets are, or else you’re going to be dancing to us miming playing our instruments!

Of course it’s important to remember that we have to stick to strict rules regarding sound levels and noise. We like to finish our set at around midnight since council rules on noise restrictions usually kick in at this time. Of course if the rules allow for it and for a small extra fee, we’re happy to play on. The important thing for us is that we get the schedule sorted before hand and that we play on time and keep everyone happy!

Munch really made our wedding night. We wanted a party and we got one, they were fantastic. Everyone was up and dancing from the word GO. Everyone commented on how great they played and how nice they were. Very professional, and really nice fellas. We hope that they’re around for a good number of years so we can book them again for our big birthdays -Rachel
Munch… YOU ROCKED! Thank you so, so much for making our Wedding party truly amazing! Be assured when you are booking Munch through Alive Network, you don't just get your average wedding band... Oh no, you get the best bunch of lads to entertain you all night. Mike, what a genuine guy, from the onset we felt like he was our mate. He helped with the first song selection (Which everyone loved!), also his organised manner in the timings of the evening party was much appreciated. We can't thank you enough guys, you were one of the best decisions we made when wedding planning! -Rhys & Iola
Munch were excellent. Professional, talented, and were enjoyed by all ages. All of the guests and hotel staff thought they were brilliant musicians. Would not hesitate to rebook them or recommend them -Crissy

Wedding Bands In Liverpool | Munch

How to book us

Munch are a very popular band so if you think we’re the right band for your event then the best thing you can do is book us straight away, especially if it lands on a weekend that is our busiest period. As soon as you’ve booked you’re in our diary, which is set in stone so you can relax from that point onwards.

1. Simply fill in the booking request form on the right.
2. If we’re available we’ll let you know straight away and include a quotation. Our fee includes VAT so there’ll be no hidden extras for you to pay whatsoever.
3. Don’t despair if we’re already booked that day, just try another one that suits
4. You can also check availability by clicking on the orange ‘Check availability' button on the right without having to go through the process of asking for a quote.
5. Or you can fill in your details and click the big yellow “Submit” button at the bottom.
6. A member of the team at Alive Network (our exclusive booking agents) will get back to you straight away to discuss your booking further, and help with any additional enquiries
7. If you prefer the human touch you can talk to sue directly by calling 0845 108 5500 anytime during office hours.

Alternatively you can speak to the band themselves and check their availability

1. Visit them at www.munchlive.co.uk/
2. Select the orange check availability button
3. Indicate what kind of event you’re planning from the drop down menu and do the same for location

Why book Munch through Alive Network?

Well for one thing you can ONLY book them through Alive Network. We offer them exclusive access simply because their track record in customer service and industry know-how provides a truly unmatched service. After all we’re too busy performing at Liverpool weddings most nights!

They offer fast and friendly service with a personal touch and being with them we know that you’ll receive advice from your very own entertainment co-ordinator. They also have 24 hour emergency cover 365 days of the year for when the unexpected happens. Not to mention that you can handle everything in on simple, easy payment.

So, go ahead, book us as your first choice for a Liverpool wedding. We can’t wait to entertain you and your guests!